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Decipher the Media #13 - Also Available on YouTube

Hey, everyone. I hope you are all staying safe in the crazy times that we live in. While we wait for this to all blow over, I've been working on a few things to help pass the time. I have a few more episodes of Decipher the Media in the works, despite being mostly stuck at home.

While I work to get those out, I haven't had a chance to plug the YouTube page as much for Cipher Eye Media, so here's my chance:

The latest episode of Decipher the Media is also on the channel. I've started filming the episodes with my Blackmagic Pocket Cinema 4K, which give the videos more of a "professional" feel, compared to the ones that were previously shot using my Canon XA20 and a Logitech webcam (for the introduction). So, go enjoy the wonderfully crisp feel as I interview guests in my dinky little "recording studio".

Obviously, I haven't been doing interviews in the recent months as the world tries to navigate the pandemic, …