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New season of content: Decipher the Media and more...

This is more of a repost, but with a little more free time, I'm now able to release content that I've been sitting on for far to long.

Coming up on the Cipher Eye Media release schedule are several more podcasts, in addition to a video or two from my video game project, play.matrix.

OUT NOW: Decipher the Media #7: Gee Marsh highlights E3 2018 and gaming culture

This is the first video game episode of the podcast as Gee Marsh joins to talk about many of the things that came to the Electronic Entertainment Expo this year! Join us as we break down the E3 conferences hosted my many of the big names in the video game industry, as well as many trending topics in gaming.

NOW ON VIDEO: Decipher the Media #5: Lindsey Donley and Shay Francis work in Makeup SFX

What goes into the practical effects that you see on screen or stage? How do they make the makeup or effects really stand out? Well, those are trade secrets of the artists involved with this magic. However, we did touch on that work as I sat down with Lindsey Donley and Shay Francis, professionals in Makeup SFX. From their time at the Tom Savini School to their work in the indie film and theater communities, these two talk about how all this has played a very integral role on each project they have been a part of.

Decipher the Media #8: Joe Bucci and Ian Altenbaugh return to talk Hobo Hunters

What goes into writing and producing a good comedy series? Joe Bucci and Ian Altenbaugh return to lay down some more details of their indie series, Hobo Hunters. And, as per usual, no
subject matter is off the table with these two!

Decipher the Media #9: Andrew Wolf and Danielle Winters discuss their favorites in television, film, and theatre

Join Andrew Wolf (Theatre N'at host, actor) and Danielle Winters (actress) in this wonderful and insightful podcast as they discuss the films we have worked on in the past, and their favorites in many forms of art and media, including television, film, music, and especially theatre.

And coming up on the play.matrix network:

play.matrix Review: Half-Life

After testing the waters, play.matrix returns with its video series, highlighting new and old titles in gaming. This time, I tackle the original Half-Life from the beginning, up until the point that I get tired of dying. And don't worry, I kept track of how many times I died.

play.matrix Review: Cuphead

I decide to explore this side-scrolling shooter as I fight off the cartoon-like bosses and die. A lot. And then fight some more bosses. And then die a lot more.


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