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Decipher the Media Podcast 002 is now available!

Featuring Ian Altenbaugh and Joe Bucci, Episode 002 leaves no subject untouched!

Now available on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, and YouTube!


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Decipher the Media #9 w/ Danielle Winters and Andrew Wolf - Coming 1/14/2019 at 7:00PM ET

It's a new year full of new content, and the first major thing to come from Cipher Eye Media will be a new episode of the Decipher the Media Podcast. Returning for a new season, Decipher the Media will continue the tradition of interviewing art and media professionals in the area. "Interview" is used very loosely, since the conversations often turn to various topics beyond the core focus, as we discuss the interviewees interests, opinions, and more.

On episode #9 of Decipher the Media, I sit down with Danielle Winters and Andrew Wolf to discuss acting, theatre, and much more. Coming Wednesday, January 9th, 2019 Monday, January 14th, 2019 at 7:00PM ET to iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, and YouTube.

Decipher the Media #9 - Available now on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, and YouTube

New episode for the new year! The Decipher the Media Podcast returns with episode #9, featuring the talent: Danielle Winters and Andrew Wolf. Join us as we sit down to discuss the our stories and passions in the realm of media.
Episode Description: We're back with a new episode of Decipher the Media, the podcast where we discuss the creative passions and professions of the guests. While we undergo some changes to the format of the podcast, we will continue to have in-depth discussions that are both informative and entertaining. On this episode, I invited on actress Danielle Winters and actor/producer Andrew Wolf. Andrew is the co-creator and co-host of our sister podcast, Theatre N'at. Danielle is an actress that I have had the please to work with on many occasions in the past. The three of us have collaborated on several short films, including a Pittsburgh 48 Hour Film Project. Join us as we discuss many topics in the realm of film, theatre, and pop culture!

play.matrix returns soon

My little video game side project: play.matrix is returning with another episode! For those of you who might know, it is what some call a "Let's Play". What is that exactly? A "Let's Play" is defined as recorded video game footage, sometimes with accompanying commentary by the individual playing the game. 

As it has always been a passion of mine, I've been recording a few videos in my downtime. The struggle has been finding the time to edit them together and upload them. So, coming soon is first in the line of a few I've kept under wraps.

More information is to come in the next week or two!