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Content Recap, 8/31/2017 - 9/30/2017

Before I start posting some new videos, I just wanted to do a quick recap of all the content that was uploaded since my last check-in. A lot is going on behind the scenes, but I'm hoping to get some different forms of media (videos in particular) pushed out to you very soon.


8/31ParaPacific Stations - Toxic Time Machine
9/2Cipher Eye Selfie - Photography in the streets
9/10Cipher Eye Selfie - Spending some time with podcasting and recording
9/18ParaPacific Stations Tossing Stones
9/29ParaPacific Stations Frostbite Lobotomy
9/30Cipher Eye Selfie - Putting the "royalty" in "Royalty-Free"


9/9: Decipher the Media Podcast - Episode 001: Featuring Brandon Keenan and Nick LaMantia


9/24: Decipher the Media PodcastEpisode 001: Featuring Brandon Keenan and Nick LaMantia

I will be shifting my focus on play.matrix in the next week. Posting more very soon!

Thanks for stopping by!


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