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Decipher the Media Podcast: Episode #001 Livestream

Thanks to Brandon Keenan of KVT Productions, we had the opportunity to stream the first episode of Decipher the Media live at about 7:30PM ET (give or take, with some technical difficulties at the start).

You can find the recap of the episode on Facebook here (shared to our wall).
I will be posting up the refined cut of the video on YouTube and the audio on podcasting services (iTunes, etc.) Check back soon for more details!

Content Recap, 8/20/2017 - 8/26/2017

A few projects are emerging for the week, including several blogs and announcements of other new content. Check back next week with our first postings of videos and podcasts.

Anyway, here's what's new:

8/22: Cipher Eye Selfie - Leading up to 2017; Wrapping Body Farm
8/24: ParaPacific Stations - From a Personal Portfolio
8/25: ParaPacific Stations- Checkmate
8/26: play.matrix - I was so wrong about Mighty No. 9; some other housekeeping

Once I get on a solid schedule of releases, the content release dates each week will become more consistent. Even more to come.